Linking in Google – some DON’Ts

Lately, most web owners have experienced a drop in web traffic after the roll out of Google Panda series. This calls out for extra care when it comes to link building. It is highly advisable that if you have been affected by these updates you seek the counsel of a reliable SEO firm help you determine Unnatural links for Google to stop punishing your site. If you are intending to start link building, the following tips should come in handy;

Avoid Multiple and Duplicate Anchor Text Links
Prior to the roll out of Google Panda this was not a big deal but currently it is a bad idea using multiple and duplicate anchor text links, create unique anchor text for each link. You may rank shortly for this, but when you get caught by Google, you will be de-ranked immediately. Create unique anchor text for each link.
Using Junk Anchors
Junk anchors are text based links which can be used anywhere on the site pages such as �click here’, �Read more’ etc., while some people may tend to minimize the use of junk anchor texts, with the roll out of Panda 3.4, it is highly encouraged to have more junk anchors in your website.

Do not neglect Social Likes
Currently Google and other search engines are using social likes and sharing to rank your website. The trick is to get more social likes, sharing, tweets and +1s. This will definitely increase your ranking in the SERPs.
Mention your Brand within Text based links
In order to evade Panda 3.4 penalties, do not neglect to mention your brand within text links. Use this link to link to your home page.

Stop using Paid Links
In as much as the paid links can enable you to rank on top of the search results for a while, they lead to a severe punishment from Google. Avoid such strategies because you may not easily determine Unnatural links for Google from these sources. It will cost you more than what you spent to restore your site to where it was previously.

Avoid Link Farms
These are simply sites created for the purpose of offering links to other sites; their idea is to trick Google into ranking your site because other sites are linking to yours. It is illegal to use link farms for your link building strategy, the penalty is severe, hence avoid it.

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