Google page rank

Google has made life way easier than it would have been if there was no technology or computers. It is the ultimate life changer with all kinds of people seeking knowledge on all kinds of things. You can find out anything about everything without opening a book. I usually say that is the most amazing idea anyone has ever come up with. Ever wondered what determines the page appears first in your search? So many pages are developed on daily basis. I never understood how it works until I learned about Google page rank
Google PR is a site developed by Larry page and Sergey Brim at Stanford University. It is a site that determines how pages are ranked or how they appear when a user searches a particular issue. It is obvious that the number your page appears when something in relation is goggled determines how well you will sell yourself and the number of people who will know about your website’s existence.
How does Google page rank determine the ranking of a website? There is a standard method: PR(A)=(i-d)+C(ti)+pr(tn)). Basically what this means is the more links a webpage has the higher the ranking. Each single link carries a percentage of the overall result. What it takes to have many links is the relevance of your page to people’s needs and demands. If we go with the layman’s perspective, how famous is your page? Are you giving the solutions people want? Popularity and importance are the key issues that determine how ones page is ranked.
Google rank can also be viewed as votes. The ranking may also shift depending on what is happening around the world. It is important to not that website are not ranked as a whole, the particular home page is what counts in the rankings.

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