Correct linking 101

The Right Way In 2013 – Search Engine Watch written by: felix7 It is factual that correct linking has always been a risk reward scenario. This statement continues to remain true in 2013. The only thing that has change is working out of Google Webmaster outlines. Following the upgrade of their algorithm and improving spam regulation with perfect human raters, Google has made the affair difficult to overcome search rating with poor back-links.

High Risk: Low Rewarding Correct Link Creation: Automated link building such as BuildMyRank and SENuke has penalized by Google Penguin. This is nothing, but going against the Google’s algorithm guidelines. In 2013, this should be avoided because it will rather rate a business owner website low.

High Risk: High Rewarding Correct Link Building: Since Google has made it clear that no tolerance will be accepted from 2008, it is better to watch out on paid link building. The basic reason for Google’s fight against paind links is concentrating on the fact that they work even in 2013. It is important to be careful on paid links. Google will never take it slightly with anyone found in this practice.

Low Risk: Low Reward Correct Link: This practice is classified as Penguin Paralysis. Since Google updated Penguin, several Webmasters have not been happy with the ethical SEO exercise. Webmasters have been falling into the Google’s penalty of creating contents with viewers in mind. On this note, the process is safe, but has low reward. Creating contents without marketing strategy is pretty waste of time. This is wisdom, think on it!

Low Risk: High Reward Correct Link Building: From research and visibility study, this exercise will be perfect and great in 2013 and beyond. Creating links that are manually done carries a lot of value and worth. For this reason, you can always create your links manually to get perfect result. It will overall give correct linking system to your content.

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