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How usability helps SEO. 5 easy ways to increase search traffic and sales

How usability helps SEO. 5 easy ways to increase search traffic and sales

The article is oriented towards the owners of Internet-shops, but it may also be of some interest for the owners of sites of other types.

Many of us heard a phrase “Sites for people”. It is discussed on forums and on conferences and even Platon Shchukin from the Yandex support service answers automatically: “Continue to develop your site, fill it with unique content and make it user-friendly and with time its position in search results may improve”.

It may seem strange, but robots don’t like sites, made for them. But in the process of searching for seo-traffic optimizers continue to write seo-texts, use other methods and at the same time lose trust of search engines. Within years of improvement of information search the robots have become smarter and they encourage to improve sites in order to make them convenient for users. How can we use it for our purposes? Read More

Google recommendations – actions to be done when applying for web-site review

When communicating on the Google web-masters’ forum, you often meet the same questions concerning the back links. Below you can read the answers for the most popular questions, devoted to back links, which have been taken from the fresh post of the official Google blog.

Where should I make an inquiry for the site reconsideration?

In case your site violates Google quality standards or it had violated them in the past, some manual actions can be performed on the site in order to prevent possible spam appearing in search results. The warning details can viewed in the panel for Google web-masters or you may ask your optimizer to study it carefully. In order to cancel the manual actions, at first you must make sure that there is no violation of the quality standards by this site anymore. Then you can make an inquiry for reconsideration. Read More