About us

MicroPromotions is a group of SEO specialists that work together since 2002. The list of some of the projects that our team has promoted is available in our portfolio page. The main field of activity is gaining high positions in all major search engines and increasing web-site ranks (such as Google Page Rank and Yandex TYC). The overall structure of our work looks as follows:

1. Development of a marketing strategy in regards to client requirements

In this step we define our goals. For example: make the client web-site appear among the first 3 results in Google search engine with the given keywords in English and in the first or second result in Yandex search engine for the given keywords in Russian. At the end of the campaign the Google Page Rank (PR) of the main page should be 6/10 and Yandex TYC must be at least 40.

2. Develop link building strategy

Having defined the set of goals, we are moving to the point where we define how the link building strategy goes – what articles should be written, how many articles for each keyword would be required, what websites should be included to the list of articles posting, etc…

3. Identify the time period

At this stage we estimate the time period by the end of which all required data is placed in the World Wide Web. This period is split in certain amount of time frames and deadlines by which a particular amount of job should be completed. The whole system analysis is almost completed by the end of this step.

3. Identify budget

At this point we already have the major part of the required data and can provide an estimated budget for the project.

4. Data entry

The final step of the whole procedure. Having defined a list of all web-sites and corresponding articles, where the web-site should be mentioned, we start actually placing the articles in corresponding blogs and other types of web-sites. Having completed each particular milestone, we re-estimate the impact by looking at the results in particular search engines.

5. Project submission

Finally, when job is done – we create a report on completed job including all required data.

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